Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hmmm...Whitney Houston...My Thoughts

Whitney Elizabeth Houston

"May God Be With You"

So Whitney Houston died this week. Very saddening for many. An all too depressing Hollywood tragedy. I'm sure many of us felt a kinship to this woman because a lot of us grew up on her music. I myself was very young  when Whitney Houston sang I Will Always Love You . I thought Whitney Houston was the greatest singer. I respectably admired this woman. She was beautiful and seemed so sophisticated. She also seemed like she had it all together and a very kept together individual. We all learned in the years that have passed that everything is not always as it seems. While this woman may have given us amazing songs and great performances we all loved she was incredibly lost and broken. And she lived many years lost & broken. I think I may have confused her with her songs and movies. I somehow thought that the words she sang were hers and the movies she played in were her. But I come to see that probably was not her. It may have been some aspects of her though. She was a human and obviously capable of many faults as we all are but somewhere along the way let her faults overwhelm her. It is hard to control bad habits. They can eat you up whole. But a determined soul can overcome the most horrendous trials in their life. Addiction is quite that. Addiction controls the very being of your life. It is a sickness just as cancer or any other. It is a struggle and a fight. Many times you can can conquer it. But often times it conquers you. I will never truly understand her whole dilemma. Millions never will. But alas she was a woman just like any other. An addict but with fame attached. Many addicts are struggling as we speak. A lot of them do not have big names or amazing voices. Whitney just happened to be one with that gift. Being alive is hard. Living life isn't always easy. No one has perfected it and no one ever will. Whitney Houston was no different from anyone else. She was a human being with faults. The only difference there may be is that maybe she could not overcome them. It is up to us all to win our battles in life. Cause it is our life and our choice. The woman is now departed and free of the pain and stress of this all. But we all must go on ourselves and conquer our fears and our habits. Just because you still have a chance to do it

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