Friday, February 17, 2012

Okay so right now things in my life are a little frustrating. But it's cool. Having God in your life just cools down the tension and worry. Things happen and things change and I just try to relax and stay calm. Music is an ultimate relaxation therapy for me. I love listening to music all the time. Christian Rap is one of my favorite genres. You wouldn't believe that rap could actually relax you but for me it does. Christian Rap really helps me focus on God and what life is really all about. While hearing the struggles that these artist have gone through in their life it makes me think and react to situations that arise rather differently. Lecrae is one of my favorites.His music seems so raw and spiritual. I feel like the songs were actually written for me. Of course I know music is a universal experience but the lyrics have become quite personal for  me. Here is one of my favorite Lecrae songs.
This song is so personal and amazing!It feels like he just lets it all out in this one! Music like this just lets you know you're not the only one struggling or fighting with life's hardships.

Here is another awesome Christian Rap video by Da T.R.U.T.H. Very raw and intense and I just love the emotional truth on this one! But the entire video just demonstrates tjhat anyone can comeback from their obstacles and bad traits and become a better person. It isn't too late.

All and all music is very helpful in my life. It consoles me and makes me focus on striving to get back up.

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